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Information on Magnetopuncture

Magnetopuncture is a medical technique that uses special magnets at different points on the human body. The SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers constitute a special application of this technique.

The magnetopuncture incorporates different elements from various traditional Asian techniques:

- Acupressure is a technique that activates the meridians in the body, regulates the energy flow and the metabolism. Through this pressure point massage, the metabolism improves along with a relaxation of tense muscles.

Magnetopuncture applies the pressure on the skin through specially formed, magnetic points/tips.

- Acupuncture is genuinely a well known and long established Chinese healthcare methology which is based on positioning fine needles at specific places on the human body to improve the flow of CHI. CHI is assumed to circulate through the human body along the so called meridians. When energy blocades are removed, the CHI flow is improved and the human body has more energy.

While magnetopuncture can be used to apply magnetic forces to Acupuncture points, Magnetopuncture itself does not use needles. There is therefore no risk of injury or infections through needles. Besides, Magnetopuncture does nor require special knowledge of Acupressure or Acupuncture points, as the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers can just be put on the area or spot that is causing problems.

In addition, instead of pinching needles into the skin, Magnetopuncture uses the natural power of magnets.
Because of the Asian techniques on which the Magnetopuncture is based it is often also called "Acutouch" or "Akutouch" (the German spelling for Acupuncture) and the word "Touch", since the treatment with this device needs only a (tougher) touch to the body.

The so-called ‚Hall effect’ implies that when a magnet is placed over flowing liquid (e.g. blood) in which ionic charges (such as Na+ and Cl-) exist, some force will be exerted on the ions. When a magnetic field with a series of alternating North and South poles is placed over a blood vessel, the influence of the field will cause positive ions (ex. NA+) to move towards the North pole and negative ions (for example Cl-) to move towards the South pole. The separation of ionic charges will produce an electromotive force, which is a voltage between points in a circuit, and thus produce heat.

Furthermore, the combination of the electromotive force, altered ionic pattern, and the currents causes blood vessel dilation with a corresponding increase in blood flow containing more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the various cell structures.

Magnetopuncture - Hall Effect

Figure: Explanation of the "Hall Effect"

Contrary to the magnetic field therapy, Magnetopuncture applies static magnet fields, which are generated by permanent magnets. In comparison to other magnetic field therapy methods, there is no need for any additional energy source such as electricity or batteries.

Purpose-built magnets allow for a much more effective application than conventional bar magnets. Whereas the application of commercial magnets to a problem area often results in either no or just a slight reaction, custom-build magnets can reach to the deeper tissue, which is often experienced as much more effective.

SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers - Magnet Fields

Figure: Magnet Field created using the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers


People with pace makers should avoid strong magnetic fields. At any rate, people with acute infections should consult their attending physician first.

The application of the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers might lead to a feeling of heat, some sort of tickling or prickling, or even an acute pain. It is also possible that the treated body might respond differently depending on where the Pointers are placed. Furthermore, for some, magnets almost immediately reduce the pain, whereas others experience the effectiveness of magnets more slowly (sometimes only after 10-20 seconds).

There is so far no plausible scientific explanation for the different body reactions. Since the acute pain is often experienced when the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers are applied to a „problem area“ and varies in intensity depending on the body part treated, it is very unlikely that the pointed peaks of the Pointers  cause the reaction. Besides, people often experience the same reaction – although sometimes in a slightly moderate way – when the rounded massage peaks are used.

Another less scientifically approach to explain this phenomenon, is that upon application, the SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers block the energy flow, and that this pent-up energy causes the (painful) reaction. As soon as the blockage loosens, the energy can reflow freely and both the blockages as well as the pain disappear.

The central nervous system receives the stimuli from the Magnetopuncture through the fast Typ A fibres. This stimulus then overlays the chronic pain perceived, which is transmitted via the slow Typ C fibres.

The body reaction usually eases after a few minutes (mostly within 2-10 minutes), accompanied by a comfortable release of tension, physical well-being and a healthy looking, well blood circulated skin. Tense muscles relax, and the feeling of pain on the treated area is often reduced for several hours.

One possible reaction for this reaction is the body’s production of pain-reliefing hormones. Chronic pain on the other hand is transmitted via the slow fibres and is therefore tolerated by the central nervous system after a certain amount of time without triggering the release of these hormones.



"Acutouch" Trademark Registration  "Genesen" Trademark Registration "Magnetopuncture" Trademark Registration

European Trademark Registrations for "Acutouch", "Genesen" and "Magnetopuncture"

SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch / CHI Pointer Patent

Patent Application for SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers

Magnetopunktur in Deutsch

Informationen über Magnetopunktur in Deutsch finden Sie hier: Magnetopunktur



The SYOGRA Genesen Acutouch Pointers combining the concepts of traditional chinese healing methods with modern western technologies. The SYOGRA CHI Pointers are developed by the German engineer Mr. Dirk Frauenheim Dipl.-Ing. (FH) and distributed exclusively by:


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